The Chatterbox, The Flirt or The Shy One? Who will you meet next on your speed date?

April 22, 2022

As it turns out, speed dating is much like the classic version of dating apps. You benefit from meeting a variety of people in a short amount of time. Odds are, you will meet someone you click with.

Here is our round- up of the types of people you will probably meet at a speed dating event.

1. The Chatterbox

The one who is bursting with excitement because they have so much to say about everything. They are friendly and eager to connect. You will definitely have an interesting conversation. If you are shy, the chatterbox will definitely get you talking.  Get ready to have your mood and energy lifted. 

Editor’s tip :  Pay close attention, listen actively-  you will be able to pick up important details.


2. The One with a Plan

They have a carefully thought out plan which they aim to execute to the T.  Their aim is to understand if you fit in their perfect plan. Therefore, expect questions which are very direct. Although it might seem like a job interview, these questions will compel you to think about your own goals and priorities.

Editor’s tip :  Don’t just keep answering. Grab the opportunity to throw back their own questions at them. 


3. The Sophisticated One. 

This person is polished, friendly and  easy to talk to.  They have lots of fun stories to share and are genuinely interested in getting to know you. Their intelligence and experience shows in their conversations. Meeting this person will  leave you with a rush of excitement. 

Editor’s  tip :   Set up an adventurous 2nd date. You know it will be fun.


4. The Funny One

This person is a full on laugh fest. Their sense of humor really makes them stand out. Being around them is also a good reminder to not take yourself too seriously. It will be such a fun first date – just as first dates should be.   Someone who makes you laugh is quite special. 

Editor’s tip : Get your dose of dopamine. Laughing freely with them will help build camaraderie.


5. The Shy One : 

You have to break the ice here.  If you feel nervous, open with a genuine compliment. It works every time for anyone and everyone. With a shy person, you will realize that they are actually very good listeners. They will have unique observations about people and the surroundings. Being a chatterbox in this case will really help you to put someone shy at ease. 

Editor’s tip : They are probably aware of their shyness, so don’t point it out.  


6. The Gym Rat :

They definitely stand out physically, literally speaking. You know they are disciplined and committed individuals . Don’t be quick to call them shallow though,  gym rats are often good cooks, knowledgeable about fitness trends, and they are super driven.

Editor’s  tip : Break away from the typical lunch date. Meet them for a GYM date instead. 


7. The Mysterious one

The one who is stylishly brooding in the corner. They are dressed in dark colours and look quite serious. You feel instantly drawn- who won’t be? Jokes aside, don’t be intimidated by their demeanor. Despite the air of mystery, they will truly be worth getting to know.  

Editor’s tip : Skip the small talk. Ask an interesting question like ‘If you had the power to change one law, what would it be?’. This will surely be a memorable conversation.

**There are lots more such interesting questions in our Deep dialogue cards for you to spark off new connections or build stronger relationships. Have more fun and meaningful conversations.


 8. The Flirt :

You have had your eye on them since they walked into the event. They say the perfect things that make you blush. They are charming and funny. They may not be the most good looking in the crowd but they ooze confidence.  Try to keep up with them, for they are really quick witted. 

Editor’s tip : Flirt back. Smile, make a small hand gesture and or imitate their body language. Flirting will immediately boost your confidence. 

9. The Instant Friend :

Sometimes the best relationship starts off as being good friends or clicking instantly as friends. The conversation just flows. You find you have a lot in common with them – friends, lifestyle and you even hang out at the same places. Even if you don’t feel attracted, at the very least,  you have made a new friend.  

Editor’s tip :  Plan a catch up with them again to explore a romantic angle.  

10. The Unexpected One :

You feel an unexpected spark but you aren’t quite sure why. You can’t help stealing glances at them even after your quick date. This person is refreshingly different from your ‘ideal one’.  You feel the need to explore this spark further.  Create opportunities to connect with them even after the date. Offer to get them a drink or walk him/her to their car.  

Editor’s tip: Make sure you leave a strong impression. Laugh, connect and exchange numbers before you go home. 


The idea is to enjoy yourself. The moment you go with the flow will be the moment things fall together.

If you want to meet new people and have lots of fun, our next speed dating event is where you need to be!

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