Professional Matchmaker: On A Mission To Find You A Perfect Partner

Matchmakers have been pairing couples for marriage for centuries. In fact, it was not until recently that people married for love and ever since, men and women have been seeking for ‘the one’ before they commit.  The number of people looking for love online has also...

Man: Why Do Women Only Want To Be Friends With Me?

Different guys, different methods. My guy pals shared theirs with me - tried and true experiences back when they were on a serious lookout for their other halves. Group A developed a purely platonic friendship for that rock hard foundation before they tried to make...

How To Get Past A Bad Heartbreak?

So a certain pairing has been decisively concluded this time. Not to make light of a situation that may have been very dear to you, but an ending is an ending. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects that led to the demise of this relationship, moving forward is...
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