Personalised Matchmaking

Who we choose as a partner to share our lives with is a major life decision, yet many men and women leave finding a life partner up to luck. Our experienced team of certified matchmakers are trained to ease your journey along the path to finding your perfect match.

We offer custom matchmaking services locally and globally, and are committed to helping you find the right partner so that a long term relationship can be created on a foundation of compatibility.

Cross Border Matchmaking

Love knows no borders! It’s not a surprise that more men and women want to meet matches from other countries. Dateworks have offices in Malaysia and Japan, and partners in major cities in Asia. Our certified matchmakers have successfully matched clients both locally and globally.

We offer you the opportunity to meet similar single folk in a safe, secure environment and without the bells and whistles of modern dating agencies and apps. We are all about creating genuine, lasting connections between the right people. We are thrilled to have brought many happy couples together, thanks to our proven, effective matchmaking services – so why wait? Take that leap and opt for a dating agency that defies all others!