Personal Image & Styling

Our team of Certified Image Consultants has transformed more than 8,000 professionals locally and internationally. This course focuses on the development of your personal image, both socially and professionally. Learn the technical components of styling, gain insights on creating a personal style based on your body proportion, as well as uncover your colours through a colour analysis. 


  • Personal Image & Styling
  • Dress to Impress!
  • Colour Analysis
  • Wardrobe Audit
  • Personal Shopping


Finding the right person with whom you build a great relationship with requires a defined set of skills – skills that you can learn! Our team of certified coaches are here to help you learn how to make dating effective, gain confidence, and learn how to communicate so that you can enjoy a fulfilling and long lasting relationships. Every real date makes a lasting first impression. Our certified date coaches fully immerse themselves in preparing you for each date, and take time to be with you along the way, providing an invaluable service that brings social insecurity to its knees and awaken a new spring in your step.

Everything counts in a first impression. Want to find out the most suitable styles, clothes, hairstyles and colour that best suit your body, facial structure and skin tone? Let our certified Image Consultant help you to discover what’s best for you!