Premium Matchmaking Services in Malaysia


The concept of matchmaking has been around since the beginning of time, however times have changed and so has the expectation. There are many working adults in their 20s – 60’s today who have yet to find a partner.

That is where we come in.

Led by Joanne Ng, Malaysia’s No.1 matchmaker, Dateworks have long been offering personalised matchmaking service to their clients since we started in 2017.

The matchmakers at Dateworks will have your best interests at heart as they give you advice on the right questions you have, be by your side to give support and guidance as you go through your dating journey

Dateworks provide a full range of services that can cater to your every needs. Check out the list of matchmaking services we offer:

Personalised Matchmaking

Our most sought after matchmaking service at Dateworks, you’d have access to a professional team of certified matchmakers who will be with you every step of the way. We meet with genuine people who are serious about having a relationship so there is a high success rate and guaranteed dates. Our level of personalised matchmaking also operates on a safe and secure platform so you never have to worry about missing personal information–that is between you and your matchmaker.

Cross Border Matchmaking

With offices in Malaysia, Japan, and soon, South Korea! Our partners in major cities all over Asia would be happy to find you matches and extend the experience so you can get connected with people both locally and globally! This is a great matchmaking option if you would like to explore what’s out there. We are a matchmaking service that does not limit our searches– we go beyond borders to help you make your dream a reality!

Virtual Matchmaking

The world has changed the way it functions but more than ever, Dateworks is dedicated to bring everyone together with our virtual matchmaking service, an online option for our clients to connect in this climate! The interviews and profiling work the same way, with more security and time with your matchmaker. The difference is–we meet virtually! Now you can search for your potential matches and speak to them from the comfort of your home.

How Our Matchmaking Service Works

Create your online profile

Start by giving us some details about yourself! We will then assess your information before going through the verification process to be a Dateworks client. Information given is kept 100% safe and confidential.

Attend your complimentary Profiling Session

Meet your dedicated matchmaker to create your dating profile. With the help from our date coaches, we will learn more about you, assess your dating history, understand your needs and help you identify what you’re looking for in a life partner!

Tailored Matchmaking Services

Your profile goes through our very own Dateworks Matching System (DMS), specially designed to help you find that special someone. We will then curate a matchmaking plan specially for you to achieve your goals!

Schedule your personalised profiling session today!