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Award Winning Matchmaking

We are a team of certified matchmakers looking to help real people find that special someone. With an award-winning service, we design a journey that lets you meet truly compatible life partners and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Here’s How It Works

Our matchmakers will first assess your romantic history with an assist from certified life coaches. We incorporate aspects of self-awareness, psychological consultation in the assessment session, with the goal of bringing out the best version of yourself that is both confident and empowered!

Next, your matchmaker will create your dating profile. They will learn more about you, understand your needs and confirm the criteria of what you’re looking for in a life partner! All information shared with your matchmaker will remain 100% confidential as you go through the verification process to be a Dateworks client!

Your matchmaker will conduct a process called “profiling” where your profile goes through our very own Dateworks Matching System (DMS) which will show your potential matches. Our database of clients are highly successful individuals, be it through business, arts, philanthropy and the creatives — we should know, we work with them! No matter what, we are certain you will be happy with your match.

After sifting through the profiles and you have determined your pick – our matchmakers will repeat the same process with them. When you have your date mutually matched, we will introduce the two of you, play a role in recommending your choice in date places and watch the magic happen!

Dateworks, works.

From 2016, Dateworks has helped thousands of single, working professionals such as yourselves discover themselves, be in happy relationships and ultimately, find love. We care about our clients because we know how hard it is to put themselves out there. It’s the human touch of coaching them that makes us so happy at the end of the day.

That is how you know that we take every case seriously and want the best for you. Just humans connecting humans!

Meet Joanne

Hi there! I would personally like to welcome you to Dateworks on behalf of our entire team.

Thank you so much for entrusting us to take care of your dating welfare. We know it can be an arduous journey without meticulous attention, so we will do our best to help you achieve your personal goals. In a world of online dating and technology being the centrefold of our lives, we want to introduce something real. At Dateworks, it is all about meeting people, cultivating real interactions and fostering real dates.

You’re already one step closer to surpassing where you were. That’s why our matchmaking is done by real people, who are passionate about helping you get more, because you definitely deserve it!

Joanne Ng
Founder of Dateworks

As Featured In

“Matchmaking agency Dateworks turned to virtual dates during the movement control order (MCO).”

“Joanne Ng’s mission is to help singles find potential partners even if it means having to go overseas!”

“There’s more to being a matchmaker than just setting two people up — coaching makes up a big part of the job!”

Success Stories

Hannah & Adrian

I signed up for Dateworks’ matchmaking with a friend, like we were signing up for a marathon together. As time went by and many dates later, my matchmaker matched me with Adrian.

We clicked almost instantaneously! 2 years later and we are still going strong & learning more about each other as we go.

Sushmita & Viknesh

This is actually my first serious relationship and we’re going onto year 3 now. Things are great and I’m really happy. Although my parents are a little more traditional while his are a little more open-minded, in time, my parents learned to accept him as they saw how much we loved each other.

Truly, opposites attract!

Zhi Qing & Joshua

With the pandemic in play, I really thought that that was the end to my dating life — or ever finding someone. While Googling online about meeting proper guys virtually , I came across Dateworks.

I matched with a couple of potential guys and had my dates done virtually! Joshua stood out to me among the rest and we eventually went on more dates.

18 months later, we tied the knot!

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