How Your Friends Circle Can Influence Your Dating Life

May 20, 2022

Unlike family members who we don’t really choose. Friends are those we consciously pick, bond and build relationships with throughout our lives. From bad days and personal challenges to good times and special events, our friendships are long term investments which have significant impact on our lives.

When it comes to dating, although the way people meet and interact now is very different, Your circle of friends will still always have an impact on your dating choices and love life. 

Here’s how.

They make you better.

A true friend always wants the best for you. Regardless of the circumstances, they will motivate you to chase your dreams, pick you when you are down and celebrate all your achievements with pride. 

If they are thrill seekers, they will encourage you to have more adventures. If they try new things and have new experiences, they will rub off their sense of adventure on you too. They will compel you to push yourself to make changes and improve your life. If they see you unhappy, they will point it out clearly because they believe you deserve the best.

In a nutshell, they are your very own cheerleaders. Keep them close. They will always make you strive to make your life better. 

They think for you when you aren’t.

It is no secret that people are often influenced by what they feel. Emotions rule our decisions and lead us to act in certain ways.

For example, when you are so infatuated, or taken in with someone you are dating, you may completely overlook certain red flags .  However, because your friends aren’t in the same emotional state, they are in a  better position to observe and identify the things that may potentially bring you pain or heartache. Hear them out, weigh the pros and cons. You will be surprised to find out how right they are.

With them, it is a glass half full.

Life can sometimes weigh you down but having friends who can make you laugh and look on the brighter side of things truly helps to change your perspective. Your friends help you appreciate what you have as opposed to worrying about what you don’t.

They boost you when you need it most and are great at providing solutions and advice when you ask for it. Depending on their own relationship status and experiences, your friends can have a profound influence on your dating life and general attitude. 

Do you know research has shown that the better the quality of your friendships, the more likely you are to lead a happy life?  We say let your friends circle influence you positively. Strong friendships are not only good for your dating and love life, but for your wellbeing too.

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