The Power of Dating & Relationship Coach in Malaysia


Our life coaches are certified professionals so they not only help you get a match, they are here to listen to your problems. Life coaches are licensed individuals who use psychological strategies to help you with your thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior.

Most coaches ascertain that during a session where clients talk about their backgrounds, they exhibit these common mistakes: they work too much, they are too shy, too introverted, too fussy, too picky, too routine, too restricted and ultimately, the worst mistake of all, they give up on love.

Coaches will then use coaching methodologies to get to know their clients. They want to find out how you think, identify your self-limiting beliefs and most importantly, to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the coaching methodologies:

Date Coaching

Dating can be hard and there is no one right answer. Tell us about your past connections and we will guide you through the journey and help you work on your relationship as well as offer tips on dating that has been proven successful.

Confidence Coaching

It is widely known that a good confidence boost is to focus on your strengths rather than your flaws! Let us be the voice in your head telling you to perform excellently, not adequately — especially at a work or life environment.

Communications Coaching

Effective communication is key at establishing a foothold in building all types of relationships. Sometimes people often think of communication as a way of getting your message across, but effective communication really is a two-way street. Let us help you merge those two worlds and be a better communicator.

Relationship Coaching

Our Dateworks coaches can guide you through relationships and help improve communication and interaction with one another. They will provide an unbiased point of view and help with overcoming challenges in any relationship-related setting.

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