Why Quality Time Matters in Relationships

July 10, 2023

Have you stopped going on dates with your partner after your relationship has become more established now? Expressing love through quality time can be challenging, particularly if it is not your primary love language. A lack of meaningful quality time could lead to the couple falling out of love. That’s when it is too late. So, let’s find out more why quality time matters in relationships.


What does quality time mean?

According to Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, quality time is the language that revolves around togetherness. It’s about expressing your love and affection through undivided attention.

You probably spent a lot of time with your partner, especially when you live together and interact with them everyday. However, quality time is more than just being around each other, it is about making the most of your time together and making an effort to connect with one another on an emotional level. This will help foster deeper intimacy and strengthen your relationship.


How much quality time do you need in a relationship?

Too little time could negatively impact your relationship, while too much time together may result in fatigue. Finding a balance that allows quality time for your partner, yourself, and other relationships is important. 

Due to hectic work schedules, it is common for couples to face limitations on the amount of time they can spend together. One partner’s professional goals might also cause stress on the relationship, if the other partner has different expectations on the level of availability. To achieve a healthy balance, it is essential to recognize and respect each other’s individual needs. Effective communication and regularly check-in with your partner can help flourish the relationship.


Benefits of spending quality times with your partner

1. Keeps the sparks alive

Spending quality time with your partner can foster connection beyond emotional and spiritual levels, it helps to keep the passion alive. For couples who have lost the spark in their relationship, quality time is one way to rekindle the flame and reconnect with your partner. Moreover, spending time together provides an opportunity to communicate openly about your sexual needs that can help to enhance your physical intimacy.

2. Reduces stress

With a constant juggling of responsibilities and commitments, life can be overwhelmingly stressful. Prioritising quality time with your partner can help refresh your mind and body. You have someone to talk to about your problems, instead of seeking negative coping mechanisms. Couples that spend time together will experience a greater sense of happiness and less stress, as well as, be more optimistic in overcoming challenges together.

3. Better communication

Quality time is all about connecting and that means conversation and discussion. Even simple activities like walking in a park opens up an opportunity to communicate with each other. It doesn’t have to be deep topics all the time, but asking about their day or opinions can improve the quality of your relationship. Prioritising communication will prevent conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.


How to spend quality time together?

1. Making eye contact

Making eye contact with your partner shows that you are fully engaged and present in the moment. Your partner will feel valued, understood, and loved. However, if you allow yourself to be distracted by your phone when your partner is speaking, it conveys the wrong idea that you don’t care about their feelings and thoughts. So, start having a habit of putting your phone away when necessary. 

2. Active listening

Despite active listening being one of the most loving actions one can do for their partner, many people struggle with it. Instead of focusing on our partner’s thoughts and opinions, we tend to prioritise our own. It is important to listen to them and acknowledge their feelings, this will make them feel loved and supported. Avoid interrupting when they are talking. All of us are the same, we are just looking for empathy and compassion. 

3. Try new things together

Have you ever considered skydiving or learning to play a musical instrument? Rather than looking at these as solo interests, why not involve your partner? Engaging in new activities together allows you to discover another side of your relationship and learn more about each other. Not only does it create opportunities for bonding, but it will also increase excitement and fulfilment in your relationship. Let your love flourish through the joy of shared experiences!


Common mistakes to avoid

  • Avoid complaining about the time you spend together
  • Don’t view your partner that craves quality time as overly needy
  • Refrain from using technology or multitask
  • Remember to ask your partner what they need to feel loved during your quality time



Sometimes it is not about the activities or how much time you spend together, but the way you spend it and focus on each other. It’s normal to have different interests and commitments in a committed relationship, but this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to neglect making time for your partner. Always keep in mind that relationships need quality time to grow, develop, and last longer.

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