Why Meeting Older People Has Its Perks?

April 26, 2018

In our experience at Dateworks, our clients generally end up in flourishing relationships with others who aren’t their type. Here, we focus on his and hers personality traits that match. Because after the age of partying and power marathons is over, don’t you still want fulfilment through touch and conversations – affirming to the world why you two lovebirds fell for each other in the first place? ​

For those serious about seeking their other half, we say, break the mould wide open! We encourage tentative exploration of ages, meeting with introverts and extroverts alike. Once you get to talking, you’re bound to find comfortable grounds for mutual topics and lifestyle interests. So if you’re tired of being let down by previous ideals, we say it’s time for you to meet a significantly older date.
Remember the old Hong Kong movies where the police corner the bad guys, brandish their badges and yell “C.I.D!” This has absolutely nothing to do with it. The C.I.D. I’m referring to here is the encompassing traits of an older person: confident with his/her identity and a dignified person. Combine your desire for stability and maturity and it’s a win-win for both sides.
Financial security
Many of our clients are either business owners or in senior managerial posts. After decades of trials and errors, they have gathered the best learning experiences and  have, or are still investing for the future. Financial security affords for them to be more generous, and they’re also better providers. Having more years under the belt also point to a more worldly outlook, accumulated knowledge on different cultures, and they’re also more likely to live on their own!

A deeper appreciation of Y.O.L.O.
For those who haven’t evolved with the urban language, Y.O.L.O. means “you only live once.” Older dating partners may have achieved their goals, but they’re uninitiated when it comes to the now. Hence they rejoice in the little details about your daily routine, your career, what memes are funny, trending topics. This is dating beyond the norm! You can be sure that what fascinates them is what’s really interesting, and not just your youth. So in the words of country singer Dwight Yoakum, “turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose!” When you’ve gotten in tune with the right frequency, the momentum will be unstoppable.
Let’s face it, there are still stigmas of the young + old coupling. What people need to understand is that stigmas often happen because of the fear of being judged for being different. And who the hell cares what they’ve opined about you anyway? Will they be around to comfort you when you’ve accidentally knitted your cat’s fur into your lap blanket? I guess not. Always review and make decisions solely for you. What do the experts say? We say, banish old prejudices and make new choices. Because when the fresh perspectives keep on comin’, you can bet your tush that you’ll be holdin’ on for the ride of your life.

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