What Does A Matchmaker Do?

February 9, 2018

How can a matchmaker be of any assistance in rekindling your love life? Our Dateworks certified matchmakers meet single individuals who have expressed their interest in dating, and use a personal touch to handpick and match clients, after running through a computerised algorithm to filter through match factors such as gender, age, race, religion…you get the idea.
What is a matchmaker, you ask? A matchmaker, usually a she, is the dating secretary who juggles your dating schedules, and it is also she who fine tunes your dating engine to purring capacity so that you and your date go along for a smooth ride. As it turns out on the Homo Erectus scale, it is women who tend to be the best listeners, put two and two together, and empathise with matters of the heart. It’s probably to our advantage that we do not sweep issues under the rug either, because that’s where dust bunnies go to die. To reach a resolution for any matter, we encourage clients to put their trust in us and outline any problem they may encounter at the time. We’re here to talk.

At Dateworks, we provide a host of matchmaking services that are streamlined to build your confidence and ignite the passions that bloom in a successful relationship. The first step begins with a profiling session for us to meet you in person for a basic verification process. Why is there such a need? Simple. Your security is our priority! Would you be comfortable meeting a date who isn’t all he or she is cracked up to be? That borders on illegal if you ask us. We ensure that your date is legally single, a working professional and is to all intents and purposes, an eligible date for you.
The journey continues with a chat to get to know you better. We will go the distance to get to know who you are outside of work. Your interests, your social groups, your family…the stories group together to make you, you. Once we paint a detailed picture of your beginnings, the matching process becomes more personalised. Every potential date is solely approved by you before we set up your date in accordance to your availability. Your dating secretary arranges your dates behind the scenes while you carry on in work and social circles. We want to prep you before your date and get important feedback from you after the date. The date secretariat avails our services to you via texts, calls or e-mails for your happiness to abide.
The matchmakers at Dateworks are fully certified at date coaching too, and we lend our perspectives from diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences. Every angle reveals a different side to every story and answers if you know where to look for it. Jon, a good friend, once needed a little date coaching during the throes of a new romance. Said the skeptic, “I roughly knew that a matchmaker was a person who sets you up on a date, but I didn’t realise how much insight they could impart into my situation and they really did help me work out the kinks. My gal pal and I are in a good place…thanks to them.” You are very welcome, Jon. As the saying goes, ask and you shall receive. Every journey goes through its ups and downs, and any new relationship simply needs a little outside help. This is where us matchmakers step in to play an intricate role in shaping your future.

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