Man: Why Do Women Only Want To Be Friends With Me?

July 24, 2018

Different guys, different methods. My guy pals shared theirs with me – tried and true experiences back when they were on a serious lookout for their other halves. Group A developed a purely platonic friendship for that rock hard foundation before they tried to make their move. *A loud girly chorus of NO* I hasten to explain… when a woman and a man become good friends, the “friend zone“ slides into place. It’s rare that she is able to look past the face of friendship after that. So the time for courtship begins the moment you have a mutual interest in one another! Group B showed an obvious interest from the very beginning and wooed her passionately. Guess which group triumphed? Group B. Definitely Group B. ​

So if you – Mr. Man – are wondering why some women do not take a romantic interest in you, let’s begin with your mug. A person’s attitude is the start all and end all for any relationship. If you’re snarky and possess the world’s worst superiority complex, guess what? It shows on your face. And ladies would give that a wide berth. Let’s face it, no lady wants to be under the thumb of an ego maniac. This may go without saying but it needs to be said: show your interest by talking about her interests.

You’re not getting any if today’s topic is all about YOU
When you’ve secured a lovely date – KUDOS to you. Don’t ruin it with self promotion. Because when you go on and on about yourself, she doesn’t get a word in edgewise and quickly loses interest. Encourage her to talk about herself. People are more passionate when they talk about what they like. So instead of trying hard to make her like you, just let her relax and enjoy being with you. You’ll get to know her better, and she’ll view your date potential with new eyes.
Timing is everything
Though it’s true that time and tide wait for no idle man, you may want to invest your interest in someone who is ready to date. And if your potential date pool is dwindling amongst your network of friends, it’s only natural to look outside of your normal circle. Dateworks is a neutral platform of eligible professionals who have come to us to find their right matches, and like you, they are ready to rumble!

The night moves…
For some cosmic reason, the night is a conducive time to get to know someone on a deeper level. It’s a playground for heightened senses and reciprocation. So build up to it. We suggest you drop her a text in the morning or lunch hour, whenever she is able to briefly chat with you. It really isn’t the time for a long convo. End the day by communicating with her again at day’s end. Open up to her at night. The darkness seemingly veils inhibitions and it’s the best time to tell her a few of your secrets that not many people know about, preferably about your past relationships. Keep the banter light, she isn’t Dear Thelma.
The more she knows about your personal details, the more she’ll feel easy talking about her own secrets. Take an interest in her concerns, and more often than not she would start to rely on you. Any interpersonal relationship is an investment, give it time and become a strong confidante of hers. Stay on this and see it through, and we’re not surprised when the playing field levels up to the boyfriend plate!

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