Kindness is the Ultimate Act of Love

November 4, 2022

Strengthen Your Relationships with These Proven Methods.

I must admit to being an unkind hot head in my past.  While I do have a long way to go,  over the years, I have definitely improved. Thanks to my husband of 10 years, I have learned that a bit of kindness goes a long way in any relationship. I am a kinder person because he has consciously shown me kindness and understanding.


Check out these 3 ways to show more kindness to your loved ones to create stronger, more loving relationships.

1. Full attention for deeper connection

When your loved one shows you a funny video or is telling you about a funny story from work, give them your full attention.  Put away your various gadgets, pause all distractions and actively engage with them. They are seeking to emotionally connect with you. Share a giggle and have some fun together. Your undivided attention will make them feel important, heard and loved.

2. Explain not react : A loving act of kindness

This is tough to do but well worth it. Every relationship has its terrible moments, sometimes there is miscommunication, misunderstandings and you end up being very hurt by your loved one. But it’s in these terrible moments, that you can show some kindness and grace. You can throw daggers and nasty words their way or you can actually take some time to explain why you’re hurt and angry. Choosing the kinder path displays more maturity and indicates the desire for a peaceful solution.

3.  Give the benefit of doubt generously

Maybe your child forgot to turn off the fan again or maybe your partner did not complete washing the dishes.  Give them the benefit of doubt. Always assume they have the best intentions despite their mistakes or absent- mindedness. Long lasting relationships thrive on generous understanding both ways. People in healthy relationships choose kindness over criticism. Look for reasons to celebrate and compliment your loved ones, rather than opportunities to fault and hurt them.

Try any of these out and you will surely notice the impact.

All the best.

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