Is Being Casual Not Good Enough?

May 8, 2018

Recently I met a good friend for lunch, and as the chitchat progressed towards tea time, a change came over his normally sunny expression and he solemnly declared, “You know, we have to be very careful these days.” And there was a full pause. Thinking that my friend had become more security conscious, I agreed and asked if he had experienced any such incidents lately. “Ya man, I cannot be too careful nowadays… don’t know what kinda “present” they may pass on to me!” Click. The two channels finally merged into one. My dear friend was an unwitting receiver of a sexually transmitted disease, and thank gawd it wasn’t a life threatening case!
The hookup culture 
With so many flirting platforms available now for sex-citement via mobile apps and online sites, the masses get to know new names and new faces at a whim. Yes it’s exciting indeed, one gets to meet new people who are mostly out for fun. But the problem may start right there. Exchange of bodily fluids from casual acquaintances is open grounds for grave concern, and anyone is susceptible.

Conscious coupling
Is being casual really okay with you? The hookup culture is prevalent in today’s society, so much so that you can just ask a random bunch of your friends and come up with a handful who may have casually hooked up with someone and inadvertently risked their lives doing it.

We can’t stress enough on the importance of consciousness. Be aware of who you meet – are you sure they are who they claim to be? How do they behave? Is it a mutual decision between consenting parties? To the ladies specifically, never feel pressured to “perform” or lay down your principles to gain someone else’s nod of approval. So how do you find that serious someone whom you can get to know intimately, and for the long haul?
The dating engine that could
​Not to toot our horn and stamp our feet, though Dateworks is the professional matchmaking agency here and we are well schooled in this particular arena. If you’re waiting for a sign for a serious commitment, we are the platform for that leap! Entrust in us to place your wellbeing, your requirements for your life partner and your time, above all else. We possess invaluable experience at successfully matching couples for the long term. Many of our clients only regret one thing: not prioritising their love life while the winds of change blew out their flames. We don’t want that to happen to you, do we? With the second half of the year coming upon us, think seriously about what you have achieved so far, and what you want to gain before the year is out. Our doors are always open to serious singles!

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