Increase Your Chances Of Meeting More People

March 5, 2018

Here’s a buzzword to carry you through any foreign experience: openness. An open mind lays your way to new discoveries. So decide today you will open yourself up a little and meet one stranger per outing. When I say stranger, I don’t mean jump the next casual stroller at the intersection. It can be someone you haven’t been formally introduced to through your current network of family, friends and colleagues. Perhaps you’ve been invited to regular media gatherings and have not attended one yet? Get with the programme and gift your smiles to likeminded individuals.

A hello to another fellow
Send your hellos out beyond your network and get exploring! We get that you’d like to get past the how-do-you-do’s and schmooze with those you’re already well acquainted with, but also realise this – nothing new comes easy. As good as it is to maintain your existing relationships, you don’t want to restrict your knowledge and hand of friendship to your immediate social circle. Einstein aptly applied this theory when he said: “As a human being, one has been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists.” Give your brain cells new knowledge to absorb, and soon thereafter, new experiences for you to be excited about!
A meeting of the minds.
The idea of the six degrees of separation is that all of us are six steps (or fewer) away from each other, and that six steps using “a friend of a friend” chain of statements can be made to connect any two people. Yes, you could meet other people via the traditional way when out and about, or even online where you could casually browse for someone you liked the look of. Want a more results-oriented method? Dateworks can do that for you.
We are a certified matchmaking team where working professionals come to us to meet peers of similar standing. Our eligible clientele are just you, they just haven’t had the right introductions to others of the same mindset. What we do for you is we’ll ask all your need-to-know questions so that you meet the “right” people. And once we finalise matches for you, we’ll set you up for an introductory meeting over coffee, brunch, dinner… you name it and we’ll make the reservations for you!
Recite this mantra to yourself: new is always better. New people bring new connections, and experiences. Visualise the surface of a pond that ripples outward after a stone is cast. Every new person opens a realm of possibilities for you that frames a new outlook on every turn! We’ll be right alongside you as you explore your curiosity and tote up the number of new faces in the coming year. Nothing is ever routine after that, we guarantee it.​

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