Healthy Relationships = A Happier Life. How Can You Make Your Relationships Healthier?

September 16, 2022

Relationships are a pivotal part of your life.  Be it with family, colleagues, a partner or friends, as humans, there is an inherent desire to connect closely to others to feel loved, to be seen, to survive and to be supported.  Healthy relationships make you feel secure, provide companionship, create intimacy and improve your physical vitality. More importantly, healthy relationships have the power to influence your attitude towards life and truly make you happier.


How can you actually begin to have more healthy relationships? 


Communicate freely in your relationship 

When was the last time you shared your feelings freely without any fear? You may tend to shy away from revealing your true feelings because you fear judgment, rejection and conflict. Being vulnerable, sharing personal stories and challenges is seen as a sign of weakness instead of a mark of high self esteem.


However, by embracing vulnerable communication, sharing your fears and expressing your true feelings, you actually create room for better understanding and a closer emotional bond with your partner. This makes your relationship  stronger in the long run.  Why not try giving yourself the freedom to actually and finally say what you mean (with respect)? Then, see and experience the positive impact it has on your relationships.


Be open to change for a healthy loving relationship.

Change is an inevitable part of life. You change throughout your life through different phases and circumstances. Embracing change helps you to evolve, have new adventures and broaden your horizons. Being open to change helps you to adapt better to new situations . Stepping out of your comfort zone  improves your thinking skills and deepens your connection with others as well. For example, if your partner wants to change their diet to become a vegetarian, or to eat healthier food, what will you do? You can either resist the change or look at it as an opportunity to experience new types of food. Allowing yourself and your loved ones the space and freedom to change helps your relationships to progress in a healthy and respectful bond.


Keep your relationship healthy with Small ‘loves’ everyday

This world is full of distractions, nurturing your relationships takes consistent effort. You have to give it time and lots of care. An important characteristic here is self awareness. How self aware are you? Are you just cruising on auto pilot or are you  actually present in the NOW? What does your partner really need?  It doesn’t need to be big grand gestures but little ‘loves’ which show that you are present and invested in your relationships. How can you make their day a little bit easier or happier? You help with a few chores. You can pack a meal for them or maybe you can just keep your phone away and give them your undivided attention.  

Which of these do you think you will try out? Give it a try to to enjoy more respect, love and freedom in your relationships or dating life. At Dateworks, our coaches and matchmakers can support you in beginning your journey towards  building healthy relationships.

All the best in your love -filled endeavors.

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