How To Get Past A Bad Heartbreak?

March 14, 2018

So a certain pairing has been decisively concluded this time. Not to make light of a situation that may have been very dear to you, but an ending is an ending. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects that led to the demise of this relationship, moving forward is the next logical step. It’s easier said than done, that’s true, but however difficult it will be, moving forward helps us heal and face the unknown future. To start to heal, we first need to pinpoint the reasons or hurdles that are in the way of your recovery.

Over analysis leads to paralysis 
​Researchers at the University of Arizona found that those who looked for a deeper meaning in their breakups made the least progress with their emotions. In human speak, that means you are dwelling on the negative aspects of the failed situation. Get over it already. No one enjoys being around a Sad Sadie. Besides, by dwelling on the why of it all, you are continuing the saga of a failed relationship and further victimising yourself. This is tantamount to self harm, prolonging the suffering instead of moving on. If you are still gritting your teeth and wanting a reason to tide you over to greener pastures, get it out of your system by talking to an experienced date coach.

Work out the kinks with our Date Coach
We ensure your comfort and confidentiality during one-to-one chats behind closed doors. A Date Coaching session is open grounds for any topic under the sky that can give you an advantage in dating. Our Date Coaches help to examine issues with a neutral ear, and offer several insights from an outside angle. Talking about the breakup from a distanced and calm perspective speeds up recovery, and rest assured our eventual result is to get you a natural resolution of the issues at hand.
Me, myself and I
You are important to your own recovery, hence we work through the snarls of each situation by focusing on you. At times, clients don’t realise they hold the answers in their hands. They hear the words but not the meaning and insinuations behind them. So we help. We bounce solutions back and forth until the message is heard. We bring the focus back to you by encouraging the use of more “I” and “me” words. It helps you understand who you are outside of the ex-relationship. Down the line, you’ll realise fewer “we” and “us” words because the ex-party doesn’t matter anymore. After that, you need to penalise yourself with a hefty fine each time you mention the “ex” word to anyone. You deserve better, so good riddance to bad juju!
Take the leap into tomorrow. Whether our end goals lie in marriage or a cosy companionship, each relationship takes time to cultivate comfort and intimacy. Talk to us, and we’ll clarify your doubts and set you on the right course to dating again. After all, we do know you a little better than you think *wink*. We’ll get you looking forward to cosy chats, intimate dinners… and not to mention the titters of fun time behind closed doors. Your heart tells you what it wants, are you ready to listen?

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