How To Be Sure You’re Sending Out The Right Signals?

August 20, 2018

Hello world! You are single, eligible and ready to mingle. That’s great news! The world is your oyster. It’s open grounds to meet eligible men and women, and simply have fun whilst meeting new faces. So where do you start in sending the right message out to these eligible bachelors and bachelorettes?

Your daily accessories
Go stand in front of the nearest full length mirror. What accessories are you wearing? Is this how you normally accessorise your ensemble when you go out? We matchmakers are trained to do the “Manhattan Once Over”. We conduct a trained evaluation of our clients from head to toe to see if they require any pre-date advice for dressing, makeup and/or accessories. From our experience at Dateworks, many female clients unknowingly accessorise in a way that distance themselves from eligible men! They wear multiple rings all over their fingers – a big no-no. Any guy who’d like to approach you from a distance will see the rings and make the wrong conclusion – that you’re not available. A simple cocktail ring that isn’t on the ring finger is fine, so is a dainty set of earrings or a necklace that accentuates your neckline.
Body language
What kind of signals are you giving off here? Your body language speaks volumes in its non verbal way. Crossing your arms in front of your chest says “I’m not interested”. Show interest by keeping the front of your body open and leaning slightly forward. And if you should happen to be a more animated character who’s duty bound to bring cheer to the world, you may want to rein in your hand gestures. You don’t want others to view you as a Happy Meal on wheels, do you? Give others time to get used to you, especially during the first date. Expend the energy of your excitement with a dazzling smile instead, and make steady eye contact while conversing.

Confidence from the inside out
Feeling good naturally makes you look good. That may be such an instinctual fact that it’s ironic how so many people keep neglecting their own welfare. Put your welfare in the priority seat, I say. Focus on making yourself feel good in ways that appeal to you. Fancy a pampering touch? Go for scented oils and a massage. More of an outdoorsy person? Get a good sweat on with an adventurous hike or a paintball excursion! Ultimately your feeling good will reflect a relaxed and confident face on the outside. Man, are you ready to take on the world!​

Of course, some may find it more difficult to adapt to quickie solutions than others. That’s perfectly understandable. At Dateworks, we are the matchmaking experts who will make sure your head and heart are in the right place before we even filter and find the right match for your first date. We’ll wear down your hardened shell on the outside, tickle you pink and make sure you’re date ready!

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