How Has The New Year Been Treating You?

January 27, 2018

January has almost come to an end. Are you all too aware of how the new year has come to pass? Celebrations have been culminated with drinks and merriment, and the countdown has brought forward resolutions of old that we have wilfully ignored all these years. As our Scottish friends say, it’s auld lang syne and farewell to occasions; in this case, the year of 2017 has passed. The time for this year’s resolutions has come to a crossroads. What does the new year really mean to us? We have leapt forward into a new calendar of work appointments, family time, coffee dates, visiting with friends. Busy busy bees, aren’t we? No. The bee in my bonnet questions this: have we really become such a cynical nation that we are still willing to laugh at our innermost desires that are really our most intrinsic needs?
Perhaps it is time for us to realise one truth: we have camouflaged our yearnings so well that those suppressed needs are now labelled non-necessities in the daily grind of life. So you are single and not quite sure where to start, or you are attached and crave the early years of intimacy… that makes you human. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that people tend to show precedence for certain needs over others. In truth, us urbanites tend to our physiological needs over our primal need for warmth and a smile from the eyes that speak from the heart. Ring any bells?
As a matchmaker and date coach of Dateworks., I have had tête-à-têtes with many clients who are successful in their own right. They socialise with ease, play catch-up with friends and boast of a network that could threaten the six degrees of separation. The one thing they have in common? It was beyond them why they couldn’t meet eligible singles. So they gritted their teeth and trudged along while those opportune moments slipped by. If something goes broke, you fix it. But first, identify those cracks. We suggest you sit down with an impartial person, a relationship referee if you will, so that the cracks can be identified.
So what does 2018 feel like to you at present? Are you looking to bring back a frisson of excitement to your life? Whatever your resolutions may be, you do not have to abandon them to fear. Sure, it’s easier said than done but that is what we are here for. We are certifiably committed to your happiness. Together we will wade through murky histories and plan exciting new chapters to come until you come out smelling of roses. How do we know that, you ask? Because as Albert Camus rightly states, “In the midst of winter, i found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” Check and mate.

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