Top 20 Tips to Shift Your Dating Mindset for 2023

December 16, 2022

Yet another year comes to an end. So much done and so much learnt. I hope your year has been as interesting as mine.  I am curious, what has your dating process been like this past year? Did you have fun or did it make you miserable?

Why are The Best Dating Tips Important?

I strongly believe that you (and everyone actually) deserve a fulfilling and happy life with healthy relationships. To achieve that, you have to take responsibility for your personal choices and dating mindset. I understand that dating involves another person who you can’t control  but  in order to genuinely connect with your dates,  you should be open to explore, develop and shift your mindset.

Tips for Dating that You Can Follow

Here are my top tips for better dates and mindset shifts in 2023.


1. Have a strong WHY.

Why are you dating? What is your end goal? This will reduce the pressure and anxiety of your whole dating process.

2. Stop complaining about dating.

If you really need to, set aside 5 mins to complain. Once done, focus on the positives.

3. Visualise your best self.  

Commit to your personal self growth. This will increase your self esteem and confidence which in turn will make you a better date and  partner.

4. Figure out your deal-breakers. 

It is far more important to know what you don’t want than what you want.

5. Be flexible about certain ideals. 

If your dream guy is a few inches shorter than your required 6 feet, will it really matter?

6. Date to understand yourself first.

Through dating, you actually learn a lot about yourself.

7. Give yourself new experiences. 

Open up your mind to gain more exposure and form new perspectives through activities, workshops and events.

8. Let go of past baggage. 

Work on getting over your past pain, hurt and trauma.

9. Meet people from every background. 

Don’t stick to 1 type. You never know who you connect with.

10. Give compliments which are not only about their physical appearance. 

For example, oh your eyes really light up when you speak about this. You seem passionate about it.

11. Sharpen your communication skills. 

Verbal and non verbal. Speak freely and cultivate positive body language.

12. Be kind to your date. 

You will make a great impression if you act from a place of kindness. 

13. Dress well on your dates. 

Express your personality freely in fresh, unwrinkled clothes.

14. Be well groomed. 

Be in your beard, nose hair, body hair and breath. Make an effort to look and smell fresh.

15. You don’t have to fake it to make it.

Your lie will eventually catch up. Best be yourself. 

16. Identify negative beliefs in your dating mindset and work on making it positive.  

17. Set a reasonable dating limit

So you don’t feel overwhelmed with so many texts, and different conversations. Save yourself from dating – burnout.

18. Listen attentively. 

Everyone loves to feel heard. You will surely learn a new thing or two. 

19. Share about yourself.

Your date is there to get to know you better. One word answers won’t help. Please elaborate. 

20. Understand that dating is more about getting to know yourself as it is about getting to know someone else.


Improve your Dating Skills with The Best Tips for Dating

I hope you take some time to think  about these tips and implement them in your life. You will surely see and feel the impact.


Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for your dates in 2023.

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