Dating Again After Lockdown

October 13, 2021

The world of dating has changed drastically since 2020, with the global lockdown restrictions meaning that there is a lot less opportunity for single people to go out and meet potential partners.  The result has been more and more people embracing dating apps and going on socially distanced dates, or even ditching dating altogether.

It has been a time of heightened anxiety, and dating has arguably seen the most in terms of adapting to new social norms. If you’re feeling nervous about getting back into dating after lockdown, then that is completely normal, and you’re not alone. Let’s go over some of our top tips for navigating dating in the post-lockdown world!

Have an encouraging friend to talk to
Dating is made infinitely easier and less daunting when you have a friend on the sidelines encouraging you and letting you know you should go for it!  Perhaps you have a friend who is also getting back into the dating scene, in which case you can encourage one another and give advice when needed.  This will help to make you feel more secure and less anxious about getting back out there!

 Work on self-love
The pandemic and lockdown was a difficult time for everyone, and it’s important that you engage in some self care and self love as well as focusing on getting into the dating game.  It’s natural to feel anxious or nervous coming out of this situation, so make sure you aren’t being too hard on yourself if you’re not a dating expert right away.  As well as putting yourself out there, try taking some time out to work on yourself and build your self-esteem; putting more focus on yourself takes the pressure off dating and reassures you that no matter what happens, you’ve got your own back.  Furthermore, working to develop yourself means that you have a lot more to give when you do get back out and dating again – the better you feel, the better you will come across to your date!

Check out offline matchmaking services
Coming out of a lockdown might make it feel harder than ever to go out and meet someone organically.  Ongoing restrictions paired with anxiety around wanting space from others when out in public means that it isn’t so easy to meet someone at a large social gathering or when out and about.  This is where Dateworks Relationship Coaches come in; they can be the perfect people to help you kick start your dating life again!

Take those next steps
The only problem with dating, of course, is that it can become all too easy to hide behind your phone screen and never actually meet up with someone.  Remember that dating is supposed to be fun, and you can arrange to meet someone at your favourite cafe or restaurant to make it even better!

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