Are You A Good Date? The #1 Way to Find Out

August 5, 2022

After a date, have you often wondered,  “Am I actually a good date? Did my date really have fun or wanted to escape from me as soon as possible?”

In this day and age, as societal norms and cultural rules slowly dissolve, dating has become very acceptable and such an exciting space. It is almost a necessity but sometimes in reality,  it can take a hit on your self esteem and create lingering doubts in your mind. So how can you actually tell if you are a good date?


The number #1 way without a doubt would be  to Ask A Close Friend. 

Yes, that’s right. Getting an honest opinion from a trusted friend will help you determine if you are a good date.  Their feedback  will  help you to improve certain aspects you may have overlooked. Maybe the vibe you are putting out there is unsuspectingly the opposite of what you want? Or maybe you can present yourself in a more authentic way? Are you down-playing your strengths? It may seem counterproductive but an honest review from a trusted friend will not only boost your confidence, it will definitely turn things around dating wise.


Define what it means to be a good date. 

Create a list of what being a good date means. How would you define being a good date? Shared laughter, friendly conversation? Being genuinely interested in the other person? Think about it thoroughly from every angle. Does punctuality matter to you? How would you like the date to end? Write it down. Then do a self review with yourself. Be brutally honest. There will always be room for growth and improvement.  


Chase experience not perfection.

Chasing perfection is like quicksand. You will be stuck at one place, slowly get dragged down and be totally miserable. Don’t live life obsessing over checklists and should-haves.  It is a vicious cycle. Instead, focus on experiences. Connect with others, learn a new skill, explore different places or read books which will stretch your imagination. The options are endless. It will make you more happy and fulfilled.

Remember, being a good date is completely in your hands. It starts and ends with you. Sure there may be some unpleasant experiences but take it with a pinch of salt and move on to greener pastures.

I hope you truly enjoy yourself on your dates.
Till next time!

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