A Complete Dating Itinerary From Morning To Night

June 11, 2018

So you’re planning a date with a significant other or that potential someone. Throw away the notion of a starry eyed romance especially for beginner dates, because you don’t want awkward play-alongs. You want a little adrenaline rush with some excitement! That would definitely be preferable – according to some eligible girls and boys that I know. And a date with your guy/gal doesn’t mean it has to only be date night. You aren’t a vampire. What we suggest? Head out early and plan your way around food! Malaysian foodies, unite! Get to know each other through cravings, likes and dislikes.

Tap into the glory of an early morning
There are few things comparable to the majestic sunrise. Hues of blue, pink and orange blend together to expansively welcome a new day. Who better to share the experience with than with your other half? Prepare a snack pack and picnic out someplace with a savoury view of the sunrise. A little later, reward your tummies with a heartening brunch with the full works: eggs, sausages, rolls, potatoes, toast slathered with your preferred choice of spread… if that isn’t your jam, take a turn to suggest another eatery. After that, avoid the dreaded food coma by walking off the meal. Perhaps you’d like to explore the path of nature lovers? Visit the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and get a souvenir polaroid with a friendly hornbill. Maybe he fancies himself to be more of a history buff? Your human companion, not the bird. In which case be adventurous, embark on a historical exploration of the town and prepare to be entertained by an ongoing flow of commentary.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” – Robert Frost
So the morn has morphed into the noon. Take a beat and assess the situation. Would y’all like to sit down to tea and scones, or coffee and cake? To each person’s specific pleasures, I say. If an indulgence isn’t uppermost on your minds, why not reserve a session at a shooting range in the city? Learn to handle a gun in a safe space. Defence is essential knowledge, whether it is the how-to for weaponry or a physical defence against an attacker. Some of us may be a little phobic when it comes to guns. That’s alright. Simply opt for the next idea. How about a lovely drive up to the temperate climate of Genting Highlands? Hold hands, enjoy a leisurely walkabout, feed each other dim sum or splurge on lobster rolls!
Twilight elevates the romance and dims inhibitions
​Evening is when the day draws to a close. Feelings are subtly enhanced, physical closeness is there and darkness seemingly heightens bravery on both sides. I say, go with your gut. Be smart, be safe, and discover a new relationship depth that develops with intimacy… Think aphrodisiac for the next pitstop. Shoot some oyster shots, pair some vino with tapas, or laugh it up at a friendly darts game! Never undermine the power of laughter. It places you in a great mood, and puts your best face forward. Why not go to a comedy club and support your local acts? For a more Disney version of night entertainment, go the virgin route and drop by a popular pet cafe. Order a scrumptious chocolate dessert for two and coo over the fur kids. Roll on with the dialogue and end the night on a high! There’s so much to look back on on this day. P.s. Don’t forget to thank your partner for a great day out. Here’s to the two of you kiddos, and to the next twosome adventure. *Clink*

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