The 5Cs of Relationship

April 6, 2018

​I’m not talking about those 5 Cs that plague the existence of every man in Singapore: credit card, condo, cash, car and country club membership. Who came up with those ridiculous prerequisites anyway? It’s time for believers to remove the minting plates over their eyes. The demand for materialism eventually leads to a sinkhole, because superficial wants tend to give a stranglehold to any affection that occurs naturally to matching personalities. The 5 Cs that I’m referring to, actually go towards improving the interpersonal connection you have between you and your loved one. These 5 big ones are the checkup, the confession, conquering of fears, complimentary behaviour and canoodling. Allow me to explain.

The checkup
Where are you at in your relationship? Do you share couple goals and partake in some activities together? Ask each other if there is any issue at all that niggles at the back of your minds. It’s akin to a doctor’s checkup. You know, it may be awkward and some may be unwilling to discuss more serious problems but there must be a diagnosis for a solution to take place.
The confession
Wipe the slate clean by confessing any grudge or dissatisfaction. Perhaps it was a certain behaviour that rubbed you the wrong way, or a recent spate that never got resolved but faded off after a cold war instead. Your partner is your natural confidante. It’s okay to show some vulnerability and experience both the joys and the pains together.

Conquer all fears
In any mature relationship, both parties experience a different depth to everyday conversation. What plagues you and how does it hinder the progress of your relationship? Share the load and it may surprise you that your partner hoards similar fears too!
Compliment each other generously
When all is said and done, don’t forget to sweeten the deal by sharing what you love about them. Mannerisms that you find endearing, or quirks about each other that make you laugh. Embrace them, love each other for all the reasons that first led you to fall in love!
Canoodle at noon, or whenever
Never dismiss the power of physical touch. Express your affection for your partner through a heartfelt hug, a squeeze of the hand, a lingering kiss. Release those happy endorphins in an impromptu canoodling session… you can bet that your physical self will be assured too and you’ll enjoy the advantage of a post-carnal glow.

Hopefully, you already comprehend by now whey the relationship 5 Cs are so important for every couple. They prod us to acknowledge and resolve issues, regularly touch base with your feelings and the other person’s state of mind. Kudos to you for working on sustaining the connection, and we wish you only the best of days to come! Should you want a listening ear and someone to empathise with you, give us a shout, because we’re confident that between the both of us, we’ll make any conundrum make sense.

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