5 Things We Miss About Love During The COVID-19 Chapter

April 17, 2020

​Most of us have been keeping up with the news, and here’s what we know so far: the Covid-19 virus has levelled up into pandemic scale, and has managed to overwhelm most global empires, sovereignties, SMEs and of course, civilians like you and I.

We miss a great many things while we are staying home to curb the spread of the new big C. So what do we do? We scour the web in a semi-daze, hoping to identify activity ideas to do at home. Hoping to occupy a restless state that really yearns for normal, face to face interaction. This current state of mind can intensify a tad more when single, camped solo at home and deciding what canned meal to eat next.

Here’s what we really yearn for right now.

1. Fulfilling the need for real interaction.
Video chats have mushroomed all over today, bridging continents and allowing us to reach out to our loved ones and friends. But there’s nary a virtual platform that could equal our intrinsic needs for real, human interaction. Science indicates that a human touch is soothing, it gives us a sense of safety and trust. We crave a simple hug, holding hands, even a high five from a friend whom you’ve associated with happy hour.

2. Receiving a nice compliment.
Has anyone ever caught you off guard with a flattering compliment? Chances are, you paused, grinned ear to ear and then stuttered out a thank you. Being on the receiving end of a compliment creates an upsurge of delight, which reaches out to encapsulate the complimenter in a joyful backwash. Case study 1: tell your significant other that you love their twinkly eyes. Watch the chain of reaction that follows thereafter.

3. Experiencing the rush on a real date.
As a matchmaker at an offline matchmaking agency, I believe in real people meeting on real dates. Every dating journey starts with a flutter of anticipation. You acknowledge that you may very well be meeting your potential life mate. The excitement peaks when you see your date walking towards your seat. The feeling escalates during your cosy chat for two on an actual date – real interaction with innocent touches and body cues. Real endorphins that we are all missing out on now.

4. Telling secrets.
The physical act of telling a secret involves a certain degree of intimacy. You lean in, indicating a need to exclude others from earshot, while your chosen person automatically shifts closer to begin that tête-à-tête. Mere seconds in such an encounter nurtures a trust and kinship. It makes him or her your person.

5. Body talking.
An effective line of communication works two ways. We use speech and physical cues to allow our bodies to speak for us. Our bodies “talk” to convey our feelings. Bodily cues are displayed in hand gestures, breathing, shoulder shrugs, and facial expressions, for example. A heartfelt hug speaks volumes, whereas a touch on the hand can initiate physical touching on a first date.

There’s no doubt in our minds that these are trying times, especially when we may be closeted alone at home for the long haul. It is this test of emotional endurance that plants our yearning for physical affection. Remember, you are not alone. Ask a Dateworks matchmaker to hook you up, as our industry allows for us to meet many eligible singles on your behalf! Register your interest on www.dateworks.co, and we’ll set up a personalised Dateworks journey for you today.

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