4 Ways to Overcome Dating App Fatigue

May 8, 2023

Meeting new people is not only challenging but anxiety-inducing, especially for shy, or busy working adults. Just imagine the added pressure of finding “the one” while dating will push our deepest fears of being “forever alone”. This is where dating apps come in handy. It has made the entire process of meeting new people and dating even easier. However, these days, finding love online has become a chore to many of us.

What is dating app fatigue?

Dating app fatigue means the effort, time, and mental burnout wasted on prolonged dating apps use. In this generation, involving in multiple “situationships” without any outcome has become the norm. People have grown tired of bouncing between different dating apps and having fake hope of potential dates. 

The reality of dating app fatigue:

  • Messaging different strangers on rotation with no result is exhausting. Some people are just looking for something casual, while some are only interested in making friends. It is difficult to find someone that has the same intention as you or is ready to commit in a serious relationship.
  • Everyone seeks excitement and how you can impress them. Hence, if you appear to be boring and fail to impress, there is a high chance that you will experience ghosting. In dating apps, everything feels like a sketch where you have to perform your best self.
  • After using the apps for a while, seeing the same profiles showing up often is inevitable. However, it is even worse when you live in a small town. Even though you match with a different person, the conversation tends to be the same. It is hard to break free from the monotonous getting-to-know-you conversations.
  • Encountering fake profiles and scammers is common in dating apps. Unfortunately, many dating sites do a poor job in verifying individual accounts. In order to “lure” victims into a relationship, there are many catfishes who will create fake persona with attractive pictures to scam your money.

Moving past this stage can feel like an up-hill battle. Going round in circles for weeks, months, or even years in not reaching a goal is disheartening. We understand the struggles of finding a serious relationship on dating apps. So, here are some tips for you to overcome dating app fatigue.

1. Focus on you

Getting matches is fun but you should never lose your authentic self in the process. Always remember you are a whole being, you don’t need someone’s company to make you feel complete. Learn to balance independence in a relationship to ensure your mental being doesn’t solely depend on the condition of your love life. Let’s all practice self-love and live life to the fullest. The special one will come to you when the time is right.

2. Take a break

It is normal to feel burnout after meaningless swipes or ghosting, but you shouldn’t take it too personally. What you can do is step away from your phone and take some time off to recharge. Go for a walk, spend time with friends and family, or pick up a new hobby. It will be good for your mental health, as well as, physical health. Although dating apps are exciting, but don’t forget about connecting with people in real life.

3. Try a new platform

Offline platform is another great way to find your perfect match. Matchmaking agencies have been evolving rapidly. A certified matchmaker is dedicated in helping you to find a lasting and meaningful connection. For example, Dateworks are invested in empowering singles and advocating healthy relationships for a more rewarding journey.

4. Join a Singles’ only events

Maintaining an active social life is difficult when you’re busy with your work. Or, you could be a shy person in general. Singles’ events are a fun experience to step out of your comfort zone and have a great time with new faces. You will have the opportunity to mingle with people that share similar interests and values as you. In this open and judgment-free safe space, you are able to expand your social circle and forge genuine connections.

Being single is not the worst nightmare! Life is short so focus on being happy and confident about who you are. Having love for yourself will make you shine in life and in front of your future partner.

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