3 Reasons Losing Control Means Gaining More Love

August 19, 2022

Your relationships are a life-long partnership with your loved ones. As time passes, life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you. Life really has no guarantee and can steer you off your best laid plans. But what happens when your need for control goes too far?  Here is why you should lose some control to gain more love in our life. 


More Love Flow

Let go of constant critique of your partner’s choices. From their dressing to their cooking and friends, stop trying to control their choices. Give your partner the freedom and acceptance to live and be as they are instead of confining and restricting their every move. It only creates more blocks. This helps increase feelings of trust and mutual respect. Freedom and space will allow your relationship to flow more naturally, bringing more love, fun and happiness into  your respective lives.  As the saying goes, 


“Let your love flow where the beautiful things are.” 



Increase Intimacy.

Do you obsess and worry about your partner all the time? Are you taking too much control in their life that it is draining you out? Share your fears with your partner, express yourself and listen to what they have to say. Chances are they probably feel drained too. Carve out some time to listen to each other, list down solutions and set boundaries both individual and as a couple. This will not only strengthen your relationship, it will bring you closer to each other.   


Grow your other relationships

Letting go of your need to control is an essential life skill required in any and every aspect of life. There are many situations which are simply beyond our control. Accepting this truth and living life with less rigidity will allow you to enjoy your relationships with others. A kind friend who is always late? Forgive them, laugh it off or make them pay for your drink. Your mum who is always complaining? Give her a big smile and a listening ear, it will make her day. Life is simply too precious to waste away in miserable unhealthy relationships.


“There is only one thing you can 

control in your relationship; yourself”

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