3 Game Changing Ways to Freshen Up Your Next 100 Days of Dating

April 7, 2022

Can you believe that it’s been 100 days into 2022? Yes, the first 3 months plus another 10 days of the year have already passed. How have your dating experiences been these PAST 100 days? Are you getting to know interesting new people? If the mere thought of going out on a date makes you anxious, keep on reading for our certified coach’s 3 game changing ways to make your NEXT 100 days more exciting.

1. Choose Courage Over Comfort

Doing the same thing over and over will only give you the same old results.The biggest mistake you can make is believing that your past experiences shape your future. You need to break free of this thought pattern. Take active steps to turn your bad memories, mishaps and mistakes of the past into learnings for the future. 

Be brutally honest. Ask yourself “Am I stuck in a rut? Am I making my decisions from a place of fear? How can I step out of my comfort zone to grow?  What changes can I make?” 

Why not join an event for singles, pick up a thrilling hobby or get a professional matchmaker to kick-start your dating journey? Expanding your mind through new experiences will give you new-found confidence to change your life.

Choosing courage over your comfort will slowly but surely bring about positive results that will make a difference in how you approach dating.


2. See the “HUMAN” in Everyone

As humans, we tend to assume that we are very different from others. We focus ferociously on individual differences which separate us. However in reality, we are more alike than we are different. 

Most of us want a life filled with kindness, happiness and lots of love.  We may have different physical appearances or backgrounds but deep down we all crave for the same thing –  deep meaningful relationships.

If you can truly learn to see the ‘HUMAN’  in everyone, then every date and each interaction becomes  an opportunity for you to genuinely connect with a fellow human being.

Look at it this way, instead of being intimidated by that cute person in the office, why not think of it as a casual conversation with a new friend? You may end up having more in common than you assumed. Similarly, your date is probably as nervous as you are about meeting up.  Why not lighten up the mood and have a good laugh about it together?

3. Experience Dating with Confidence 

Confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you have to offer. Being comfortable with yourself and working on gaining clarity is very helpful to have a good dating experience.

To improve your confidence, you need to take some time to self reflect.  You can do this yourself, read a variety of websites and dedicated blogs or seek the help of a dating coach to help you learn more about yourself.

Start by asking:

What are your relationship goals? What do you bring to the table?

If you find someone you are interested in, will you be brave enough to be vulnerable with them?

Your answers will help you be more authentic to yourself and your future dates. To be who you are ― strengths, flaws, and all lets your personality truly shine. Have confidence in yourself – your experiences are leading you to exactly where you need to go.

Which of these game changing ways are you going to adopt to make your next 100 days count?

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