23 reasons you need healthy relationships to be your top priority in 2023

January 6, 2023

Relationships really are a funny thing. It can take a lifetime to build but a moment to break. Some relationships last decades and some last a few weeks. Whatever the relationship is, it brings an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and others. Each and every one of your relationships have the ability to influence and impact you.

Researcher and author Brené Brown explains, “We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong.”

We live in a social world full of close human interactions everyday. We are hardwired with a deep need to connect and bond with others. As such, it’s no wonder that relationships are a big part of our lives. Be it with your partner, family members, friends or colleagues. Relationships can have a positive or negative impact on your life.

I, for one, am extremely lucky to have many healthy relationships in my life. Of course they all didn’t start out being great. It took time, lots of patience, communicating through conflict and even letting go of some of the toxic relationships to finally get here. A place where I feel confident and happy with most of my relationships.

I do feel that healthy relationships have the ability to enhance and enrich your life. A healthy relationship makes both parties involved feel good about themselves. However, as I said earlier, this doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires positive effort and energy to make it work.
It takes lots of effort, awareness, and emotional intelligence to build, foster and then sustain healthy relationships.


What are the signs of a healthy relationship?

People in healthy relationships love and support each other. They lift you up and support you. Everyone ends up helping each other practically, emotionally, and even financially. There is no definition or right formula to a healthy relationship as each person’s needs and desires are unique to them. However, healthy relationships are commonly based on some broad and universal values like respect, trust, open communication and understanding amongst many more.

As we welcome the year 2023, I would like to share 23 reasons why healthy relationships should be a priority for you this year.

1. Improves your mental health when you spend time with loved ones.
2. Keeps you more physically fit.
3. Reduces your stress when you have a good support system.
4. Research shows those with strong social relationships live longer.
5.Conflicts and challenges build your emotional intelligence
6. You learn to love and allow yourself be loved
7. Enhance your creativity to keep every relationship interesting and fun.
8. People to celebrate all the small wins with.
9. People to enjoy meals and drinks with.
10. Have new experiences. Visit new places and try new things. Sure you can do it alone, but it is also fun with others.
11. Learn to adapt as your relationships grow.
12. Develop your communication skills.
14. Discover new sides of your own personality
15. Learn to accept others and their flaws – this makes you a better person.
16. Be softer, gentler, kinder especially when you have relationships with kids, elders and animals.
17. Increase your emotional intelligence
18. Pick up new skills and hobbies
19. Learn to forgive yourself and others. This even leads to higher sleep quality.
20. Develop resilience in tough times.
21. Learn to appreciate what you have
22. Experience a full range of emotions.
23. And finally the best of all – Create happy, amazing memories which last a lifetime.


I wish you a great 2023. May You find the strength and courage to build healthy relationships.

Our coaches and matchmakers at Dateworks are ever ready to empower you on your dating journey to achieve your life and relationship goals. All the best.

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